Domus March issue

Enjoy a small bite of Sanaa’s latest project Tsuruoka Cultural Hall in Domus .

The article has been written by Alice Covatta.

62-73_Sanaa cover only 

(…) The project is the Shogin TACT Tsuruoka, the Cultural Hall for the city of Tsuruoka in northern Japan, on the less man-made stretch of coast bordering the Sea of Japan. It develops as a multifunctional space on the same site as the old cultural centre, with the pur- pose of stimulating the whole of Yamagata Prefecture via its future artistic activities.
(…) In 2012 SANAA won the competition and designed an extension for the community’s new civic activities beside a garden and a Han school. Their project incorporated the pre-existing structures of the student and artist collectives which were active at the time of the previous cultural centre.


You can read the full article in Domus March 2018 issue 1022 about reason and emotion, editorial Michele De Lucchi.