Collective of Projects in Equipoise

The Collective of Projects in Equipoise {Co-P-E} is a multidisciplinary team operating in a non-static equipoise in-between design and research, micro-scale and landscape, progressive visions and historical references. It is founded on the premise that architecture, urban design and research go hand in hand, and aims to rethink and improve the liveability of critical human conditions.

The Co-P-E portfolio consists of competitions, design assignments, workshops, publications and exhibitions developed internationally by members in France, the Netherlands, Japan and Italy, Co-P-E’s nest.

The team is composed by Alice Covatta, Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi, Piero Medici and Annalisa Romani.

“Our period demands a type of man who can recreate an equilibrium between his inner and his outer reality, who can regain control over his own existence by balancing forces that are often regarded as irreconcilable. This equilibrium can never be static but must be involved in continuous change, proceeding – like a tight-rope dancer – by a series of small adjustments that maintain a balance between him and empty space: man in equipoise.”

Sigfried Giedion, Man in Equipoise (1948)

Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi

role CoPE: PhD architect | urban designer | lead designer competitions

bio: Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi is an Italian PhD architect-urban designer, lecturer and researcher, Co-founder of CoPE. He graduated (cum laude) from A.S.P. Alta Scuola Politec­nica (2008), Politecnico di Milano (2008) and Politecnico di Torino (2009). He received his PhD at IUAV and TU Delft Universities, as Joint Doctorate with a research on “The Heart of the City” (published by Routledge in 2018). After completing the PhD, he developed his research in the contents of various international postdoc research projects and fellowships in collaboration with renowned academic institutions (TU Delft, KTH Stockholm, IIT-Chicago, ETH-Zurich). In 2011 he was Collection Research Grant Recipient at the CCA-The Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal.  In 2014 he was a member of the curatorial team of the “Balcony” exhibition at Biennale di Venezia, as a collaborator of Tom Avermaete. He taught at PoliMi, UDEM, TU Delft. He has collaborated in urban design / landscape projects and theoretical researches with international firms such as CZA-Cino Zucchi Architetti, MECANOO architecten, LAND until a senior level. Both his urban design activity and multidisciplinary theoretical research resulted in him being awarded the “Europe 40 Under 40 Award” (Chicago Athenaeum and the European Center) in 2010, being runner-up at Europan 11 in Leeuwarden (NL) in 2011 and winning Europan 14 in 2017 as team representative of {Co-P-E}, with the project “The Productive Heart of Neu Ulm.


Alice Covatta

role CoPE: PhD architect | public space designer | visual communication 

bio: Alice is Assistant Professor in Architecture at the Université de Montréal and co-founder of CoPE. Achieved degree with honor at IUAV University of Venice and PhD with highest distinction from University of Udine. In 2016, she was awarded with the Japan Foundation Fellowship, then researcher at co+labo Architecture and Urban Design Laboratory, Keio University in Tokyo until 2020. Alice is interested in the interdependent relationship between design of urban spaces in densified cities and the health of users. Her research, presented at international conferences and in various publications, has helped improve knowledge of development of urban landscapes around promotion of social values, health, and the notion of public space. 

She has merged research with design working as senior architect in international companies (Andrea Caputo, Kengo Kuma Architects, Albert Abut Architecture). Alice is Fellow for the Center of Urban Design and Metal Health. Collaborator for Domus magazine. Her works have been exhibited, among others, at MAXXI Museum and Venice Biennale.
She has collaborated with various academic institutions (Yokohama University of Art and Design, IUAV, UNSW) and cultural organizations (CCA, Centro Culturale Candiani, DARE-DARE, Warehouse TERRADA). Recently, Alice is working with the Bureau du design of Montreal City to explore innovative design practice for temporary and transitional public spaces.

Piero Medici

role CoPE: PhD architect | circular built environment researcher and designer

bio: Piero Medici is an architect, PhD, Researcher and Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology (NL); and at the Master of Architecture, Fontys University of Applied Science, Tilburg (NL). He is a founding partner of the architectural and urban practice CoPE, winner of the international competition Europan 14. Piero Medici holds a degree in Environmental Sciences (BSc in Venice), one in Architecture (BSc in Venice, MSc in TU Delft) and a PhD focussed on Sustainable Architecture (IUAV/TU Delft). He has 15 years of experience, working as a Researcher, Lecturer, Architect and Environmental Scientist in various academic institutions and architectural practices, including TU Delft (NL), ENSA Paris Belleville (FR); KABK Royal Academy, The Hague (NL); IUAV, Ca’ Foscari, Venice (IT); GRIMSHAW Architects, London (UK); Superuse Studios, Rotterdam (NL). Author of several publications, his research focuses on European sustainable housing and neighbourhoods during the 1970s, contemporary architectural approaches concerning Circular Economy, Degrowth and the Commons. Since 2019 He has been a member of the Circular Built Environment Hub, TU Delft which is a platform for researchers of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) to promote the development of knowledge towards a circular built environment that enables the design of future cities