Collective of Projects in Equipoise

The Collective of Projects in Equipoise {Co-P-E} is a multidisciplinary team operating in a non-static equipoise in-between design and research, micro-scale and landscape, progressive visions and historical references. It is founded on the premise that architecture, urban design and research go hand in hand, and aims to rethink and improve the liveability of critical human conditions.

The Co-P-E portfolio consists of competitions, design assignments, workshops, publications and exhibitions developed internationally by members in France, the Netherlands, Japan and Italy, Co-P-E’s nest.

The team is composed by Alice Covatta, Annalisa Romani, Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi and Piero Medici.

“Our period demands a type of man who can recreate an equilibrium between his inner and his outer reality, who can regain control over his own existence by balancing forces that are often regarded as irreconcilable. This equilibrium can never be static but must be involved in continuous change, proceeding – like a tight-rope dancer – by a series of small adjustments that maintain a balance between him and empty space: man in equipoise.”

Sigfried Giedion, Man in Equipoise (1948)