Yamanote-Sen 山手線

Il Giappone nelle fotografie di Alice Covatta.

Centro Culturale Candiani in collaboration with Museo d’Arte Orientale di Venezia
Curator: Elisabetta Da Lio e Margherita Stevanato
Location: Venice (IT)
Exhibition year: 2016

Yamanote-sen aims to scan the most emblematic spaces in Tokyo: the artificial forest of buildings, zen gardens, the Tsukiji fish market, the cherry trees without fruits, the hyper-otaku and the manual perfectionism sought by the artisan, real and virtual places. 
The exhibition connects spaces joining them to a few centimeters away on the same wall. Based on this method, the exhibition is structured around a series of diptychs and triptychs. A string of images without a thematic constraint but where new links are created by the irony, the similarity in behavior located in different places or similar atmospheres found in between vegetation and architectural forests. 

Pics courtesy Federico Ferrari

Exhibition fragments

Japanese Workshop during the exhibition